Saturday, July 16, 2016 was Reset 2016/Together 2016 on the National Mall. When people asked what was the event it did not do it justice when called a music festival or concert because it was way more than that. It was an event where God's children and even those who aren't could come and do what we all were made to do, worship our King of Kings Jesus Christ. It was also a time of recharging, building, sharing, loving, praying, learning and resetting. It was something we all so desperately needed during times like these.

God showed up and showed out like he always does. My personal experience was amazing. Before my roomie and I left for the event we did our morning reading and played worship songs and we prayed for God to show up which we knew he would. My roommate asked if we should bring a blanket to sit on and I told her what I had heard...no picnics...so we didnt bring anything of the sort. We get there and everybody had a blanket or a chair to sit on. oops. lol We were a bit salty. lol We got in and we found our spot and got settled so we could embrace the moment and tap into what was going on. 10 min after standing out there I decided I needed to sit down blanket or not. 10 min later a lady asked us if we wanted to use their 2 extra chairs. We looked at the chairs and they didn't look like chairs; they were very small and weirdly shaped and we were like, we can sit on those? She assured us that they would hold us and we were so grateful, yet still skeptical. lmbo You should have seen the contraption, but they were indeed small sturdy chairs! The Lord had blessed us! 

Throughout the event there were 10 min messages from speakers and preachers. We prayed by ourselves and with other people; we shared our testimonies with each other; we heard other people's testimonies; there were words of encouragement and worship artists. Everything was great, but mind you it was HOT. We were directly under the blazing sun with no shade, but I'm not complaining. lol God let the clouds mask the sun at times which helped tremendously. Unfortunately, a number of people who were there since it started became ill because of the heat and the authorities shut down the event 4 hours early because they could not risk people's health any longer.

That morning I told my roomie that second to experiencing the presence of God I wanted to see Lecrae and Hillsong...guess who they fit in before they officially shut everything down...Lecrae and Hillsong! I was so elated! When Hillsong came on and sang 'Oceans' it was a glorious moment because almost everyone was standing worshiping God with their hands raised. Its such an anointed song you cant help but worship God.
Before we left we gave back the chairs that the people next to us blessed us with and then the people in front of us turned around and asked us if we would like the 2 folding chairs that they had bought that day because they couldn't take it on the plane with them. We were ecstatic because literally earlier that week we said that we needed to buy those type of chairs for events like those and here God went and blessed again and we didn't even pray about that. That just showed us that He even wants to be a part of every part of our life big or small.

At the end the host said that they have been praying for the event for 5 years and he said that God made it all happen and He was sure God had a purpose for it being shut down earlier than intended. The host said there are people out that still need to hear the gospel and experience the Love of Jesus and he encouraged us to be led and he sent us on our way.

Sure enough after my roomie, my friend and I walked off and sat down and ate our popsicles, our friend asked a question that led into a conversation that was so amazing. We were able to pour into him and talk out and try and answer some of the questions that were burning in his heart.  He was able to go deep and get to the heart of his original question which is what Jesus wants to change. Jesus wants you to hand over your heart so he can change it. Before we departed we prayed and left feeling blessed and encouraged to know that God is such a big God who purposes and plans moments like that because he loves and cares so much. For five years the hosts of the even have been praying and for 5 years God has been working. He is such a big and mighty God. He deserves all the glory and praise.

Tashira MerrittComment